Vendor Information Management Center of Excellence is a free resource to help accounts payable, purchasing and vendor master professionals understand how to securely and efficiently onboard and register new vendors.  

There are organizations that focus on the entire P2P cycle, but this resource focuses solely on best practices for vendor onboarding and management.  Vendor onboarding is becoming more challenging every year as threats of fraud are on the rise and government regulations are changing and fines are increasing.

If your department is responsible for vendor onboarding and information management, you know that the task is not simply requesting and loading vendor names and contact information into the vendor master file.  The job entails getting to know your vendors to protect the company’s cash from fraud, compliance issues and costly penalties and mistakes.

woman at desk entering data to vendor master file

Fraudsters are becoming more proficient, so you should learn best practices to beat them at their game.

VIMCOE’s content and certificate program will help you become knowledgeable on best practices to follow to ensure your organization mitigates fraud, ensures compliance and avoids fines, penalties and embarrassment.