Frequently Asked Questions

The AVIP Training and Certification course is for anyone responsible for gathering, verifying, and managing an organization’s vendor information.  AVIP was especially designed for accounts payable specialists, procurement and sourcing professionals, master file specialists, and anyone with vendor information management responsibility.

There has been a lack of a comprehensive current resource that experienced vendor information management practitioners and new trainees could turn to for help. VIMCOE and the AVIP Training and Certification Course address that need.

Vendor onboarding and information management require a thorough understanding of inherent risks and responsibilities. A practitioner must be well-versed in multiple compliance facets of vendor onboarding, as well as with controls, information protection, fraud threats and prevention, and vendor master best practices. By becoming an AVIP, practitioners acquire the required knowledge and understanding to meet their vendor information management responsibilities.

Practitioners become an Accredited Vendor Information Professional by enrolling in the course and working through each module in sequence, lesson by lesson, at their own pace. Most lessons include short quizzes to test your understanding of key lesson points. When you complete all the modules, you will take the online exam. You become an Accredited Vendor Information Professional upon passing the exam, earning your AVIP certificate. 

There are seven modules in the AVIP course: 1) Vendor Information Management Overview; 2) Vendor Information Gathering; 3) Compliance Issues in Vendor Onboarding; 4) The Vendor Master File; 5) Vendor Information Fraud, Controls and Security; 6) Vendor Relations; 7) Vendor Information Analysis.

The VIMCOE library includes a wide range of supplemental resources on vendor onboarding and vendor information management. The library’s articles and videos reinforce AVIP lesson content and provide illustrations, hands-on advice, forms and templates to support a practitioner’s development. Library resources align topically with AVIP course modules.

There are several variables that will determine how long it may take a candidate to complete the AVIP course. Variables include whether the candidate is new to vendor onboarding and vendor information management or a seasoned practitioner, and the time a practitioner devotes to the program. The AVIP course is self-paced. 

The AVIP exam comprises just over 70 questions on vendor onboarding and vendor information management in multiple-choice format. The AVIP exam is timed. Candidates have 90 minutes to complete the AVIP exam. 

Yes, candidates may take the AVIP exam three times.

Should that happen, you must re-enroll in the AVIP Certification Course.

Practitioners who pass the AVIP exam become an Accredited Vendor Information Professional. They are awarded the AVIP certificate and may append the initials AVIP after their name.