Accredited Vendor Information Professional (AVIP) Certification Program

Training and certification to ensure that vendor onboarding is efficient and vendor information is secure, verified, compliant, and complete.


Vendor onboarding and information management are becoming more challenging as the threat of fraud rises, government regulations change and fines for mishandling information increase.

It is critical that vendor information management processes and procedures adapt to these challenges and the increasingly complex way that organizations operate. 

The AVIP Certification Program will help you:

  • Keep up to date on current best practices for onboarding and registering vendors
  • Earn a certificate from an organization that is respected by best-in-class organizations and has certified thousands of accounts payable professionals
  • Excel in your profession by mastering supplier onboarding and registration processes
  • Demonstrate your commitment to best practices while increasing the level of confidence that senior management has in your supplier onboarding and registration processes
  • Receive a digital certificate  
  • Accelerate the learning curve for new hires
  • Provide a development opportunity proven to reduce turnover and increase morale

As fraudsters become more proficient, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve.

Access the industry’s most comprehensive library of free resources on vendor onboarding and vendor information management.

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Certification for Professionals

If your department is responsible for vendor onboarding and information management, you know that the task is not simply loading vendor names and contact information into the vendor master file.  The job entails securely collecting, organizing, verifying and evaluating accurate vendor information to protect the company from fraud, compliance issues, costly penalties, and errors. VIMCOE’s certification program, AVIP, provides accounts payable and procurement professionals with best practices to demonstrate their knowledge of the vendor information management cycle.