A Service Level Agreement, which is a contract or agreement that outlines the expected level of service and performance standards between a service provider and a customer.

Shared Services

A organizational structure whereby certain common business functions, such as finance, IT and HR are consolidated within an organization and provide services to all units, providing efficiency and economy of scale.


A circumstance in which an individual serves himself or herself, rather that applying to someone else for help. While typically implemented to save money by having customers do for them selves what someone once did for them, customers have accepted it due to the control gained over a process, and increased efficiency. As applied to…


The Specially Designated Nationals list of sanctioned individuals and entities, maintained by OFAC as part of its administration and enforcement of U.S. government sanctions. SDNs include persons and organizations engaged in terrorism, international narcotics trafficking, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other such illegal activities internationally.

Sanctions list

Governments and financial authorities worldwide maintain lists of sanctioned entities according to laws and foreign policy objectives. These lists identify parties engaged in illicit activities such as narcotics trafficking, WMD proliferation, money laundering, and terrorism. The U.S. maintains the SDN list and others; other countries and alliances maintain or consolidate similar lists, from the U.K….


In the context of government policy relating to business transactions, a sanction is a restriction imposed by a government or international authority against individuals, entities, or countries to enforce law and foreign policy objectives.